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WARNING: Due to constraints with our webinar system,
places on this one-time, live masterclass are strictly limited.

Overcome The Difficult People That
Make Your Work-Life Miserable

Live Masterclass: Sunday October 18th 2015
Experience It Risk-Free For Just $1

“If, within 5 days after the webinar, you don’t experience a
breakthrough in your work life, you pay nothing…”


(Remember, places are strictly limited.)

Here’s what this is all about:

Remember a few weeks back – when I asked if you were dealing with a bad boss or difficult coworker? I got back stories of workplace bullying, of people being ignored as people, indecisive bosses resulting in working needing to get done over and over, negative people who just bring the whole team down, and of course the adult temper tantrum.

Well, I went away and reached out the “special forces” for workplace bad behavior. She’s created more than 30 books, booklets, and training DVDs covering topics from being set up for failure, to feeling isolated, to outright bullying.

In this special training, our expert guest Nancy Slessinger will show you some of her most proven techniques from over 25 years in the field, that has helped individuals at every level and every point in their career.

You’ll learn the tools to change dysfunctional relationships, techniques to re-establish your success track record, questions you can ask to deflate bullies, relationship building techniques to strengthen your allies, and others.

And we will focus on your issues. After you register, you can send us an email fully detailing what you are facing. And we’ll talk about how to solve it on the call. Plus, at the live session, you can ask Nancy any questions that come up.


(Remember, places are strictly limited.)

Frequently Asked Questions

“What will I discover on this webinar?”

If you’ve not yet done it, go ahead and watch the short video above. You know the story of the guy who walked into his annual review expecting to get fired, and walked out with a big smile instead? Nancy is going to teach you the same tools she used to transform him – from feeling helpless and miserable to being back in control.

Nancy is going to give you a toolset.

You can use this toolset to deflate your bullies or difficult managers, establish your credibility and trustworthiness, and be ready for whatever happens next.

You can also use these same tools to support colleagues to achieve their best and feel in control. (This is a great way to set yourself up for a promotion or leadership role in the near future)

Sound good? Click here to reserve your spot now for just $1.

“Why is Nancy teaching this via a live webinar?”

Your situation is unique. Although this toolset can help almost everyone, we know that you will almost certainly have questions that are specific to your situation.

Because this is live, you will be invited to ask Nancy anything you like.

Five days after the webinar, we’ll send you a full recording. Nancy has also prepared some supplementary materials, including her booklet: The Quick Guide to Dealing with Difficult People (with 131 techniques). And I’ll also share my short guide on: The Art of Verbal Judo at Work.

“When is this webinar?”

Sunday October 18th 2015, at 3PM US Eastern and 12PM US Pacific.

“How much does this cost? What’s the catch?”

You pay only $1 to reserve your spot and attend this live masterclass.When the webinar ends, you’ll have five full days to put Nancy’s tools to the test in your own life.

If these tools give you the breakthrough you need – and I’m confident they will – then simply sit back, do nothing, and we’ll charge you the remaining $96 five days later.

Any time before then, if for any reason at all you’re not satisfied with what Nancy has shared with you, then simply send me an email before Friday the 23rd and I’ll make sure you are not charged the second payment of $96, and I’ll also make sure you get your $1 back! There will not be any hard feelings at all, and I’ll be more than happy to honor my word. I want to make it easy for you to put them to the test risk free.

“What if I cannot make it? Will there be a recording?”

Yes! We will send it out on the following Monday, after you have been charged the second payment for $96. This means that even if you can’t make the live webinar, you can still benefit from this rare opportunity and learn Nancy’s tools.


(Remember, places are strictly limited.)